10 Ways To Immediately Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rates

Jul 22, 2015

Visitor traffic on your site looks good on paper but these big numbers are totally insignificant if substantial profit is not made. Besides the ultimate goal -turning visitors into buyers, these 10 aspects discussed in this article are influential ingredients to successfully convince a visitor to take action that will benefit your brand. These actions could come in the form of signing up for a newsletter, becoming a member or making a purchase.

1. Avoid unnecessary fields

Only ask for the important stuff. Make it as easy as possible to fill in forms. For example, have a auto fill option for users to tick when their billing and shipping information is the same.

2. Give them a way out

If customers change their mind on the style of the item they receive or it turned out to be not what they wanted, give them a way of being stuck with the item they do not like forever. Have a strong return policy statement and make sure your customers are aware about it.

3. Provide social proof

Reviews and testimonials on your store and service can help build trust in visitors who have never bought anything from you. Past customers of yours who have positive feedback can sway people into making a purchase. People trust the opinion of others more than advertisements.

4. Language used

Using action words like “Get it now” or “Grab your tickets here”, can convince a person to place an order with your store.

5. Help them complete the look

Keep visitors engaged with the other products on your store. Some product photo could feature a top and bottom that is sold separately, showing customers the related product makes it easier for them to browse your store.  

6. Multiple payment options

Not everyone feels comfortable using Paypal or has the means to support that payment method. Provide a variety of payment methods that satisfies the preferences of potential customers. For example, your site should support payment through bank transfer or debit card transactions.

7. Use your own photos

Stock photos are unoriginal and reduces the trust factor of your site. It causes unecessary uncertainty as to whether the product they see on your site will be an exact match to the one they will receive.

8. Immediate assistance

Besides the edge over your competition, live chat allows you to effectively communicate with your customers. It is a convenient way for them to access direct help.  

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9. Guest checkout

Unless they are regular customers, most people rather use a guest checkout. Providing them with the dynamicity to choose this option will increase your conversion rate.

10. Hard to resist incentives

Some incentives could include a 5% discount off their next purchase if they make a purchase off your site today. Most e-store use the pop-up feature to get this message across.