3 Things You Should Actually Be Doing On Twitter

Jul 9, 2015

Every marketer makes it out to seem that promoting your business on Twitter is destined for failure, but this is not entirely true. Twitter users react differently to advertisements as compared to those on Facebook, so your approach has to adapt to their behavior. Here are a few ways for your brand to fit in and increase it’s effectiveness on Twitter.

Image Source: Deccan Chronicle

1. Customize your profile

While keeping it similar to all other brand’s pages on the social media, your twitter profile must echo your brand’s look and feel.

What should you customize on Twitter:
1. Your twitter handle - A short and easy brand keyword for users to search. It is best to avoid using numbers and symbols on your twitter handle. This includes hyphens and underscores.  
2. Profile picture - This is where you can feature your company logo. It makes your tweets instantly recognizable on a user's timeline.
3. Header picture - Always keep it current. Use the banner of a new collection or special offers your store is now running. Apart from tweets that can be missed, this is a more permanent way to tell viewers of ongoing promotions.
4. Colour layout - Colours should tie in with the colour template on your actual e-commerce site.
5. Bio - Following twitter’s trademark, keep it short. It should also offer a reason for people to follow you.

2. Engage in conversation

Never ever has a person logged in to their social media and thought “Hmm what advertisements are showing today?” They use to social media to engage with their following. If you are part of their following on Twitter, there are a few ways to create a productive conversation for both ends.

The first way is to encourage customers to tweet themselves using your product. As people love showing off on the social media, by retweeting them, they would get the attention they are looking for while at the same time, you are able to influence your following through this so-called endorsement.

Another way is to use a snazzy hashtag that people are into. Adopting hashtags like #ootd, #BestSeller, #BeautyFavorites etc. can influence more viewers who are searching these tags.

3. Have an immediate response system

A trait of Twitter is its quick and immediate flow of communication that goes back and forth simultaneously. This would mean your brand has to be fast and alert in responding to tweets. In most cases, people engage with a brand on Twitter to get an immediate response. And sadly, most of these conversations revolve around a problem they are facing or an answer to their query.

A good idea would be to assign someone to manage and monitor Twitter and all other social media platforms around the clock. He or she should be aware of how to handle negative feedback by always staying positive, calm and helpful. All in all, how they react will be a reflection of your brand.