5 Reasons To Start Video Marketing

Jul 29, 2015

Using moving visuals to sell your product, brand or service is a powerful yet undervalued strategy. Presumably time consuming; this tool is not taken advantage of by many companies. If left untapped, your competitors get a free pass to get ahead of you. To convince you to explore this strategy, here are a few reasons to start video marketing.


1. The chance of going viral

This might be far fetched but it is not impossible. Investing the time and effort to put together a video montage that is different and one that is able to spark a lasting conversation amongst users of the web has the chance to shoot up your visibility as a brand in the region. With enough shares, tags and likes, millions within a matter of days can watch a viral video online. 

2. Appeals to the senses

Your message will be passed onto your audience more effectively by appealing to more than one sense. Stationary images displayed on the screen can only do so much. You will have that added feature to incorporate sound into your video.  Sound is able to evoke feelings of excitement. Depending on what mood your video wishes to set, the advantages of audio stretches beyond what an image can do.

3. Increases the time people spend on your page

One advantage video marketing has over other strategies is the extended duration viewers are on your page. Google might take this into consideration when determining your ranking. Besides that, the longer a person spends on your page they immediately become familiar with your brand and they are more likely to remember what they saw. It will still be a memorable experience for the viewer no matter what end of the rope they are on.

4. Inexpensive marketing tool

It is a mode of cheap production -not because cameras are cheap and hiring an influential personality is budget friendly, but videos allow you to express all means of creativity, which is FREE. You don’t need a DSLR to capture the action; a smart phone is able to provide high quality videos. Come up with a simple concept and take it the shoot outdoors, which is also FREE. Editing can be done using apps on your computer that does not require a professional to know how it works.

5. Delivers a quick message to an audience

Most people prefer the luxury of enjoying a piece of footage than reading the plot off heavily contested paragraphs. Videos are easier to digest and you are able to get the point across within a matter of seconds. The difference between text and videos is that videos are instant messages delivered to a viewer while reading initiates effort on part of the reader.