Constructing The Perfect Cart Abandonment Email

Jul 15, 2015

Not everybody who fills their cart up makes it to the end of their purchase. Sometimes, people need an extra nudge to convince them to complete their order. If customers do happen to fall out along the way of the checkout process, it is your job to get them back on track by sending out the perfect cart abandonment email.

 Constructing The Perfect Cart Abandonment Email

This is how a cart abandonment email should come across to the reader.  

Make it personal

Having a personalized subject line increases the likelihood of the email being opened. A simple strategy would be to ask the right question, like, “Have you forgotten something?”.

Secondly, timing is very important. The time in which a person receives this email shows a brand’s effort to reach out. Time your email perfectly for international orders. You would not want to be receiving an email that greets you with “Good Morning!” at 7pm in the evening.

Remind them what is in their cart

It can take a bit more effort and time to convince the half-hearted. Some people are on the fence about completing orders and might jump off on the wrong side if they’re left to make that decision on their own. Sending out an email reminding them of the things they left behind might get them to change their minds.

Some carts are also abandoned unintentionally. The site may have crashed or the cart met its time limit and therefore, the purchase is left incomplete. This is entirely not their fault and without a reminder, you are missing out on a sales opportunity.

Offer incentives

It can be said, for most cases, the final price may have had a part to play in talking a person out of completing their order. Most people do not think of the additional prices involved of shopping online. They close one eye when it comes to taxes, shipping, exchange rates and other additional costs when they first land on a compelling site. Some also, downplay the costs in their mind. So when bombarded with the total cost, many people are put off and disappointingly close their browsers.

Offering incentives is a great way to recover such customers. You can do so by including a discount code to convince these people to return to their abandoned cart. However, if cart abandonment rate is high, you should have a limit on how much of a discount you are willing to give. If it does not work to your advantage, this might not be a good idea as ultimately, losing a sale is better than losing profit.

Include a direct link back to their shopping cart

An easy transition from reading an email to the landing page of a site is to include a direct link. By making the pathway back to the abandoned cart extremely straightforward and hassle free will increase the chances of people going back and completing an order. After all, this is the entire purpose of the cart abandonment email -to have these people fully commit to their purchase.

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