Ecommerce Design: Rules For Choosing The Right Fonts

Jul 20, 2015

A good ecommerce design that screams “LOOK AT ME!!!” goes beyond the colour schemes and layout. It stems from all the nitty-gritty details before you receive the nod of approval from design critics. This brings us to the topic on choosing the right fonts to pick out for your site. However small you may think the impact fonts have on the conversion rate, they still make up a good handful of the pieces to the puzzle of ecommerce design.

Rule 1: Legibility

Legibility refers to the capability to read something without effort. It often regards to the choice of font used. For your typeface to work effectively, a person must be able to distinguish the different sections of text. Using the same fonts for the header and body, for example, might not work. Headers are large, and therefore, fanciful fonts will work for them. The body, however, is much smaller so they require a simpler typeface with clean lines.

Here is an example:


Rule 2: Readability

Readability is how the entire combination of letters is easily read within a larger body of text. There are a few factors that surround texts readability:

  1. The spacing between lines of text
  2. The size of each individual font when reading
  3. The spacing between letters of a word or in a group of text
  4. Contrasting colours your font is put up against

Here is an example:

Rule 3:  Pairing

When thinking of fonts to use for the header and the body, you would want them to compliment each other and not compete. Headers are the ones that attract attention while the text body keeps people interested by providing the facts.

The guiding principals say:
Keep headers bold, large and appealing while the body should be kept simple and easy on the eyes.

Here is an example: