Link Building for SEO Should Not Be A Priority But These Should

Jul 7, 2015

A debatable element of SEO is whether or not link building counts as a strong suit amongst all things Google looks at to rank a site higher on search results. Over the years, Google has countlessly thrown us off by changing it’s focus area that accumulated many assumptions as to what SEO is really all about.

As we try to keep up with Google’s constant change in regulations, in 2015, we believe there is more to link building that justifies what SEO is all about. Sites should take advantage these current factors to increase their visibility to Google bots.

Shareable pieces

The idea is to get your brand’s original content dispersed through the social media. This content does not have to be only on-site content, but any content on a medium of your brand works. For it to be circulated and shared, these pieces of content have to be interesting, informative and is unique. More importantly, your shareable piece should be able to create conversation. When people are talking about your brand’s content, Google will award you accordingly.

Brand mentions

Google looks for the brand that is being talked about on the web and who is talking about you counts. Very much like how a site links you in their content, and how authoritative this site is, will reflect on you. Other factors that put you on higher ground with Google, in terms of brand mentions, would be the reason a source is mentioning you and how relevant it is.

A mobile optimized site

A mobile optimized site is important to Google, as they want their searches to have the best user experience as possible. Predominantly, a responsive site allows searches to view their search on all types of devices, on any screen size without facing a visual burden. Also, a responsive site allows you to use the same URL on all devices. This is said with relations to having a separate mobile site. This way, responsive sites allow Google to focus ranking one link and it will increase your search visibility.

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Regular content updates

Without regular updates, link building through your content cannot happen. In addition, without fresh, up-to-date content, you are bound to fall short to your competitors who are constantly curating new contents for viewers. It is advisable to have at least one piece of content updated onto your site every week. This content has to be original, current and ties in with your target audience before Google picks it up as a legitimate source that is useful to a searcher.