3 Ways To Make Your International Customers Feel Safe

Jul 24, 2015

A daily foundation of a company should be to practice good communication towards their audience especially if your target market expands beyond your country’s borders. We’re talking about handling international consumers and making them feel safe when buying from you. Besides building a loyal consumer base, your store is representing your country when sales are taken globally. You have to make good impressions through your services. One of the most important factors that stand between the conversion of international orders is how reliable you are in the consumer’s eyes.

Multi-channel customer service

Providing assistance through the social media, email, and other resources that can be used as a contact form, allows your customers to reach you in many different ways. With a wider range of options available, if one medium is filled with traffic and the response rate has slowed down, these other platforms enables restless consumers to have some piece of mind knowing that they still can get in touch with you through these other extensions.

Inbound phone support

You can agree to disagree that customers will only feel the full effect of phone support if your company is small. It can be hard to manage large numbers of calls chiming in the office but hey, a bigger company would mean having more resources to execute this practice. It is important to allow customers of all kinds -international or local, to reach you through the telephone because it speed up your communication process. Also, what better way is it for you to learn about your consumers if not by talking to them directly. Casual conversations had (one thing that rarely happens through email) assist in building consumer loyalty.

Set a response time for emails

Stick to this timeframe you have published for your customers to take note of. If you take your response action lightly, you are making your brand out to be a phony. Never ever deceive your customers by feeding them with lies only to put them at ease but conclusively, you do not live up to your end of the bargain. It is unfair and unjust as a salesperson. First time international buyers are usually more suspicious and therefore rely heavily on promises such as your response time and they will use that as excuse as to whether they will be coming back for a second purchase.