3 Campaign Ideas For National Day 2015

Aug 4, 2015

National Day is around the corner and it is going to be the biggest shopping event of the year; maybe even bigger than the Great Singapore Sale! Offices put their operations on hold for the long weekend granted as the nation celebrates 50 years of independence. With all this free time, without a doubt, people will want to go on a good splurge! 

(Image Source: The Straits Times)

It has always been a prediction that during the holiday season, sales increase tremendously but every retailer jumps onto the holiday bandwagon to try and increase the brand’s revenue for this period. Most stores will be trying to win over shoppers with ridiculously attractive discounts that are hard to resist but you could try tempting customers from a more creative aspect.

These old trick have worked in the past and might work for you this National Day.

Creative Packaging

As a business stationed in Singapore, committing to the celebration could start with the wrapping of packages a bought items comes in. Looks do matter and so does first impressions. Your standard package designs represent you but switching gear and allowing National Day to be part of your business shows patriotism and gratefulness for the brand’s birthplace. Like-minded individuals who are equally enthusiastic about this holiday will appreciate this effort.

Greeting Cards

Within those packages, encouraging notes in support of this holiday can fill people with the festive vibes and put them in a positive mood. Sending loyal customers a greeting card helps build better relations during this holiday season. It is not always about pushing sales. Take this time to build a better and stronger relationship between the brand and its customers.  

Strategic Partnership

If you want to boost your exposure, create a campaign by teaming up with another brand. An idea would be to join forces with a brand that complements yours. An apparel store should team up with a jewelry store and label it as an exclusive National Day package. Upon promotion of this campaign, both parties stand a chance to reach a fresh new audience.