Could Tumblr Be An Option To Get More Traffic?

Aug 6, 2015

When your current social media platforms are excelling with its ability to get the traffic you want and they probably have reached their peak potential, exploring other social websites is an ideal option to bring more traffic to your ecommerce store. A site to explore would be Tumblr. At first it seems like an unlikely option but do not let your unfamiliarity stop you from trying to reach the audience Tumblr already has. It is not a site most companies try to understand but any traffic is still traffic. 

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Here is what you need to know about Tumblr before getting started and how Tumblr is a reasonable option to get more traffic onto your ecommerce site.

Choose the right theme

Like any online platform, the first thing a visitor’s eyes see is the entire estatic of your site. It is the first contact point between your page and the viewer so it is very important to make a good first impression. When it comes to selecting the right theme, you have to consider these factors bearing in mind it is all about the impression you want to create.

  1. The visual impact and appeal factor it will have on visitors
  2. Colour scheme that portrays your brands overall feel
  3. Functionality of your Tumblr page
  4. Usability of your Tumblr page

Upload different types of media

Tumblr recognizes multiple types of media. They include:

  1. Photo
  2. Text
  4. Video
  5. Link
  6. Audio

By having such flexibility, you will be able to engage with users in more ways than one. For example, not all users find written content exciting and they might prefer understanding your message through a picture instead. But of course, you should only use the variety media on Tumblr to compliment the image you want to portray. Utilizing all of them just because they are readily available could be an overkill. 

Tag your posts

Tagging is one of the primary functions of Tumblr. People search tags that are of their interest. Unlike Facebook, adding as many relevant tags to a single post is encouraged. Choose the right synonym that best describes your post and it is important to remember to think like a searcher.

Reblog relevant content

Two benefits can come from this strategy. One, you are offering your visitors with new content. And two, by reblogging you are making yourself visible to the author of that post and there is a possibility they would want to know who shared their post. If they take an interest, they might reblog your content too.