Humor In Your Content

Aug 24, 2015

Laughter is contagious and it is universal. Embedding humor with information could be a way to get your viewers excited. Humor draws the attention away from ‘the duty to know’ and helps readers enjoy the knowledge. If this strategy is cleverly played out, achieving excelling numbers of readership and engagement will be at your brand’s fingertips.  

Humor is vital namely for these two reasons:

Laughter is social

Humor has a way of putting people at ease. It relieves tension and makes reading more enjoyable. One perspective would be, if a joke is told to you and it is able to get you laughing, you would want to tell this joke you’ve heard to a friend. This is considered sharable content. Humor is able to unify likeminded people. Strategically use this tool to create a community within your brand who share the same ideas and interest.

Makes your brand memorable

Do you recall a time laughing so hard you were brought to tears? Of course you do, and you probably remember numerous occasions when this has happened. This is because positive feelings create lasting memories. There are only two types of information people pay attention to. First, stories that is of public interest. These are stories that have an impact on the readers’ lives. Two, entertaining stories that make people smile. Your job is to be that brand that is able to brighten up someone’s day; not only through your product and service but also through the messages you put across the screen. After all, making someone laugh is always a reward in itself.

How to mix humor into your content

1. Do research

There should be a fine line drawn between tasteful humor and trying too hard to be funny. With the Internet, resources are unlimited for you to craft the perfect comedic content for your viewers. It is also good to keep in mind the interest of your viewers. You should be wary of what makes them tick and what puts them off.

2. Add visual effects

Maybe a few visual effects could help you out when discussing dull topic that leaves you with limited room to interject a witty line of subtle humor. For example, take this article you are reading… 

3. Be courageous

I will admit, creating humorous content can be tricky and you might not master it on your first go (refer above) but that doesn’t mean you stop trying. One secret to writing funny is to make fun of yourself. If you are afraid you would be insulting viewers, invite your readers to laugh along with you by poking fun at yourself.