Product Sync with Marketplace - Shopee

This guide is suitable for shopcada site enabled with marketplace sync with Shopee.


This guide includes:


Authorize access to your Shopee account


  • This is one time setup required before you can sync your product from your Shopcada site.
  • Click [CONNECT]

  • You will be redirect to Shopee Open Playform.
  • Please select your market.
  • Login with your Shopee authentication. 

  • Enter your OTP. 

  • Click [YES] to complete the authorization. 
  • You will be redirect back to your Shopcada site.  


  • Your authorization will valid for 12 months.
  • You shall refresh the authorization before the authorization expired.


Setup for Marketplace Sync  

  • Select the inventory location to sync the stock. The default location is WAREHOUSE. 
  • Make sure you turn on PULL ORDER FROM SHOPEE once the setup is done and site is ready for sync 
  • Select the DEFAULT ORDER STATUS for orders pull from Shopee. 


  • Enter [BRAND] and site default [BUFFER STOCK]. You may setup buffer stock for individual product to override the default setting.   
  • Please indicate the shipping mode you would like offer and price. You may setup shipping mode for individual product to override the default setting.


  • Under Size Chart, please select the Size Chart Filed tab in your product page.


Setup for Product Sync  

  • Go to individual product, at the Marketplace > SHOPEE, select a SHOPEE CATEGORY
  • Click [NEXT].


  • The system will pull your product description to sync to Shopee. You may edit. 
  • The prices for each variance will be show. 
  • You may edit the PRICE and enter the BUFFER STOCK for this product. 

  • Enter the product BRAND and MATERIAL, both are required.  
  • Setup the product logistic option and price, if they are is different from store default setting.  
  • Click [SAVE ONLY] if you wish to sync the product later. 
    You can sync the product in batch at product manager. 
  • Click [SAVE & SNYC] to immediately sync the product to Shopee. 


Manage Product Sync (Sync in bulk)

  • If you decided to save the details and sync the product later, you can synchronise the product in bulk from PRODUCT MANAGER
  • From the PRODUCT MANAGER, you can filter products by sycned status. 
  • Select the unsynced product and do a BULK ACTION to sync products in batch.