Customers Manager

Topics for customer manager:


Go to Customer Manager

  • Go to Manage Your Store (Dashboard) > Customers > Customers.
  • This is the section for you to manage your customer:  Customer Manager
  • From here, you can search for a customer record/ view the customer details/ update the customer profile/ download customer list/ upload customer list and etc.


Locate a customer record

  • The FILTER at the customer manager will allow you to locate your customer in the system.
  • You can filter by the combination of Name, Email Address, Phone Number, User Group and etc. 
  • Or you can direct search by the customer Name, Email Address or Phone Number. 
  • From the filter result, click on the Customer Name to view the user details.
  • Click Edit  to edit the customer profile.

Customize your listing

Once you have satisfied your filter result and you would be likely to reuse the same combination, you can save the filter and create your custom listing.

  • Click on the Save Filter 
  • Type a name for the new list
  • Click on Save 

You can delete or modify the filter combination if desired.


Edit customer basic details

  • From the customer listing, click Edit  to edit the customer profile.
  • You will be able to edit:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Phone
    • Email Address
    • Password
    • Status (Active / Block)
    • Assign User Group
    • Birthdate (if any) 
    • Subscription to rewards points summary 
  • Click Update to save your edit


Edit customer membership status

  • From the customer profile page, click on vertical ellipsis shortcut key   to go Membership section. 
  • You will be able to view the customer membership details and edit them from this page. 


Bulk actions

  • Locate the customer using the  FILTER.
  • Check the required customer name 
  • From Bulk Action, click to select required bulk actions. 


Create new customer

  • In a special occasion, you manually add a customer record. 
  • Click Create User and complete the required details.   


Download customer report

  • Click Download User to save the customer record in CSV format.   

You can open CSV using MS Excel/ Mac OS Number/ Open Office Calc or Google Docs.


Upload customer list

  • Go to Manage Your Store (Dashboard) > Customers > Customers
  • From Customers Manager, click on Upload Users
  • Prepare the CSV files based on the required format. 
  • Click Upload


Remove a customer record from your store

  • Go to Manage Your Store (Dashboard) > Customers > Customers.
  • From the customer listing, click Edit  to edit the customer profile. 
  • Click DELETE from the action buttons.
  • You can not delete a customer record with purchase history. You can ANONYMISE the customer record. 

The system will remove all the personal data e.g.: name,  email, address, contact of the customer when you select to ANONYMISE a customer record. 
This action can not be reverse.