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Your Digital Store in Customers’ Pockets - Mobile App

Set up your own app easily for your customers to shop mobile.

Why Shopcada Mobile App?

No money to create your own mobile app? Shopcada can get your app up and running at a fraction of the cost your competitors are paying for. Stop waiting for months, get your app done in weeks by Shopcada!

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Better Shopping Experience

Provide your customers with a more interactive experience using your brand’s mobile app. Make it easier for them to navigate, order, and checkout.

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Create a Direct Marketing Channel

No more worrying about landing into customers’ spam email. Activate push notifications to effortlessly remind customers about any latest promotions, products, or services.

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Boost Customer Loyalty

Mobile app users are 2x as likely to return within 30 days. Gain higher customer loyalty and find out potentially loyal customers by looking at who installs your app.

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Enhance Your Brand Image

Typically, customers perceive that only big brands can afford to build a mobile app. When you have your own mobile app, it levels up your brand image and that converts to consumers viewing you as a more trustable company.

Shopcada, mobile app

Shopcada Mobile Apps are

Fully integrated with the website

Load faster and provide a better user experience

Support transactional push notification such as order updates

Mass push notification for marketing messages

Available on both iOS and Android

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