Setup Facebook Social Login

  • Go to
  • Sign up for an FB developer account if you haven't have an account yet.
    • Click Get Started
    • Just fill in the form accordingly.
  • Click "My Apps" (

  • Click "Create App"



  • Select Build Connected Experiences



  • Fill in the form accordingly.
    App Display Name - This should be your business name / website name
    App Contact Email - Support email address
    Business Manager Account - Link to your FB Ads account if you wish to


  • After you have created the app, you should see a page like below.
  • Click "Setup" link under Facebook Login


  • Select WWW Web


  • Fill in your website URL, please include https://
  • Click "Save" and click "Continue" 
  • On Step 2, 3,  and 5 please just click "Next" and you are done.


  • Click on Settings in side menu


  • You will see the setting page
  • Fill in the Valid OAuth Redirect URIs with following values
    Remember to change to your own website URL.


  • Next go the Settings > Basic under the side menu
  • Fill in the following inside the Basic settings page.
    App Domains: (Replace with your own domain name, no need www and https in front)
    Privacy Policy URL: Copy and paste your Privacy Policy Page URL here
    Terms of Service URL: Copy and paste your Terms and Condition Page URL
    User Data Deletion: Chose Data Deletion Instructions URL
    Fill in the URL of the page you created to tell customers how to request to delete their personal data.
    Category: You can set to "Shopping"



  • Set the App Status from In Developer to Live.
  • You should see the In Development changed to Live.


  • Click the "Show" button next to App Secret so that we can get the App Secret to install to the website.




  • Fill in the App ID, App Secret and enable FB login.