How to arrange your products in a listing page

By default, the system will display the product in a Last-In-First-Out sequence.

You may arrange the products listing based on your preference. 


Rearrange form product sequence page

  • Select the required title, click [REARRANGE] to load the product listing.
  • Click the [DOWNLOAD] to download the listing into a CSV file so you can update in batch. Upload the updated the listing using the [UPLOAD] link.

  • Drag and drop the product to the required position & form the preferred display sequence.
  • Click [SAVE] to save the changes. 


Rearrange by dates

You may also reset the arrangement by products':

  • Creation Date (Last In First Out - Newest product always listed at the top of the list)
  • Last Changed Date (Those items you edited lately will list first, good if you want to highlight the restock items first)


Rearrange from category or collection page

You can also reach the product listing sequence from the category and collection page.