How to configure navigation menu

Topics for Weight Based Shipping Configuration:


How to go to menu edit via dashboard 


  • On this page, you will see all available menus.
  • Click [EDIT] of the menu you need to edit.


How to go to menu edit via user interface 


How to add new item to menu 

  • At the menu item listing, click [ADD ITEM]
  • For edit the menu link, click [EDIT] of the required menu.
  • Uncheck the [ENABLED] box to temporary hide the menu item. 

  • [PATH] - Select the page you want to link to.
  • [MENU LINK TITLE] - Enter the text that you want to appear as the clickable text of the link.
  • [DESCRIPTION] - Text under description field will be display as tooltip when visitor mouse over the link.
  • [ENABLE] - Menu items that are not enabled will not be listed in the menu.
  • [EXPANDED] - If selected, and if this menu item has children, the children will always appear.


Rearrange Menu items

  • Put your mouse over the crosshair, and click to drag and drop to rearrange the menu items.
  • Click [Save Configuration] once you are done with rearranging the items.