Linking a Unique Discount Code on Klaviyo to Shopcada Discounts

You can now add a unique discount code into your Klaviyo email content, that is linked to a Shopcada discount.


  1. After creating your discount on Shopcada, do take note of its Discount ID:

  2. When creating your discount on Shopcada to be linked later on, do ensure you have the "Require discount code to activate this discount" setting enabled:

Setting Up on Klaviyo:

  1. From the left pane under Actions > Drag and drop the  Webhook action before the Email action

  2. Click on "Set up Webhook"  

  3. Set the Destination URL as https://<your domain name>/api/plugin/klaviyo/discount  Ensure that you change <your domain name> to your actual domain name ie.

  4. Set the JSON Body as such:

    "discount_id": [discount id],
    "expire_in": [expire in],
    "profile_id": "{{ person.KlaviyoID }}",
    "email": "{{ }}"

    : Replace "[discount id]" with the discount ID created on Shopcada. This can be found at the top of the discount configuration page.

    expire_in: Replace "[expire in]" with the number of days the discount code will expire, from the time of generation.
    profile_id and email are both required, and to be copied exactly as shown above. Do not modify it.

  5. After you're done, scroll up slightly, and click on "Preview" located above the Destination URL field.

  6. Scroll down on the pop up > Click on Send Test Request

  7. To ensure that the discount code has fully synced to Klaviyo, add a 1-5 mins Time Delay between Webhook Action and Email Action.

  8. To add the discount code token into your email content, click on "Add personalization" and add discount_code.
    Once added it should show: {{ person|lookup:"discount_code"|default:'' }}

  9. Your set up is done! Do preview and test out your email to ensure your email and discount are working as intended.