Manage Home Page Block

Topics for manage home page block:


Home page block is the additional image block displayed at the home page which serves as a shortcut for your visitors to go to the page that you wish to promote / highlight.
This is how it looks like at the home page:



How To Create Home Page Block


  • Click [ADD NEW BLOCK]


  • Enter the [BLOCK TITLE]
  • Choose the file to upload as your new banner image at [UPLOAD NEW BLOCK IMAGE]. Only JPEG, PNG and GIF images are allowed.
  • Upload another image under [UPLOAD NEW BLOCK IMAGE (HOVER)] in order to create the hover-change effect.
  • Choose the file to upload as your new banner image at [UPLOAD NEW BLOCK IMAGE] fro mobile.
  • [LINK URL] of the landing page URL for this banner, so visitors will dedicated to the page you offer.
  • Turn on [PUBLISH BLOCK] to publish the page to visitors. 
    Unpublished page will be kept in website but invisible to visitors.
  • Click [SUBMIT]. The new banner is ready.


Arrange home page block display sequence

  • From the banner listing page drag and drop the block to the required position & form the preferred display sequence.
  • Click the Edit link under operation to edit the block setting.
  • Click [SAVE SETTING] to keep the changes. 


Remove block

  • Check the banner you wish to delete and click [SAVE SETTINGS].