Order Fulfilment: Manage packages with EasyParcel

With the EasyParcel API integration, you can create shipment directly into EasyParcel portal when you create packages at your order fulfilment. 



Create package for individual order

  • Go to Manage Your Store (Dashboard) Orders > Fulfil Orders 
  • Apply filter to located the required order.
  • Select the items.
  • Select EasyParcel from Carrier list.
  • Enter Pickup Date, and Pickup Service.
  • Click Create Package and your shipment will be created automatically in EasyParcel portal. 
  • The package status will be updated and notify to your customer as the parcel is process by EasyParcel:
    • Package Arrived At EasyParcel Facilities
    • Package delivered to customer 


Create packages in batch

  • EasyParcel option is not available for batch create packages.


Cancel EasyParcel packages

  • If you need to cancel a package, you need to do a manual cancel and both portals.
    You need to cancel the package from EasyParcel AND cancel at Shopcada separately. 


Install EasyParcel Module

  • Please go to Shopcada App Store to install the module.  
    Go to Manage Your Store (Dashboard) App Store  


Retrieve API Keys from EasyParcel

  • Refer to EasyParcel Guide.


Setup EasyParcel API Integration

  • Go to Manage Your Store (Dashboard) Settings > Orders  Carriers Settings.
  • Go to EasyParcel, click Configure   
  • Enter API Key.
  • Select EasyParcel API Server environment
  • Fill in the pick up details and order details. 
  • Click SAVE.


Setup EasyParcel Shipment Notification

  • You can set up a different notification to keep your customer informed about the parcel status.
  • Go to Manage Your Store (Dashboard) > Settings > EmailsEmail List
  • Under Order Fulfilment, enable the email notification: 
    • Shipment Notification - EasyParcel: This is the notification send to customer when carrier service scan pickup from your warehouse. You may include Tracking Information into this email.