Setup Payment Method: PayPal Smart Payments Button

PayPal Checkout with Smart Payment Buttons gives your buyers a simplified and secure checkout experience.


Here are the steps to setup PayPal Checkout with Smart Payment Buttons at your Shopcada store:


Enable PayPal Smart Payment Buttons



  • At the My Application and Credentials , select “LIVE” button, then click “CREATE APP” button.
  • Insert “App Name”, your company name, click “CREATE APP”.

  • You will be show your client ID. Click "SHOW" to access to your app's secret key.
  • Copy the both the “Client ID” and “Secret key", and paste to your Shopcada store setting. 


Setup PayPal Smart Payment Button


  • Ensure that the checkbox for the PayPal Smart Payment is checked. 
  • Click to expanding the settings panel for PayPal Smart Payment.

From the PayPal Smart Payment tab, you can update all the details for PayPal Smart Payment.

  • [PAYPAL METHOD NAME] - You can custom the method name.
  • Copy and paste both [LIVE CLIENT ID] and [LIVE SECRET KEY] from your PayPal dashboard. Refer to guide here
  • Select PayPal server = LIVE 
  • Click [SAVE CONFIGURATION] to save your setting.
  • You may customize the Paypal Smart Payment button styling according to options provided by PayPal
  • Click [SAVE CONFIGURATION] to save your setting.