Setup Payment Method: ShopBack

Topics for setup ShopBack method:


Install ShopBack Module

  • Please go to Shopcada App Store to install the module.  
    Go to Manage Your Store (Dashboard)  App Store 


Setting Dashboard

  • From Manage Your Store (Dashboard) Setting > Payment > Payment Method .
  • Ensure that the checkbox for the payment method you want to enable is checked.
  • Configure each payment method by expanding the settings panel for each payment method.   


Setup ShopBack

From the ShopBack tab, you can update all the details for ShopBack.

  • Payment Method Title (For Checkout) - Payment method title shown to the customers at the checkout page. 
  • Payment Method Title (For Invoice) - Payment method title shown to the customers order confirmation email.  
  • Checkout Message- Message configured here will be display to the customer when this payment method is selected.
  • Check to show Shopback logo
  • Key in Merchant ID / Merchant Secret / Merchant CDN ID - ShopBack shall issue these details once you sign up with them.
  • Turn on Display Shopback Payment Price Divider: if you wish to show ShopBack Price divider at listing page and details page



You may limit this payment method to selected customer group by: 

  • Min checkout amount in the cart
  • Selected Ship to Country
  • Selected user groups
  • Refrain order with selected products to be pay by this payment method