Setup user group: SEO Consultant

You may refer to this guide to create and manage the access permission for your SEO consultant.


Topics for user group and permission:


Create an user group:  SEO

  • Go to Manage Your Store (Dashboard) > Customers > User Group
  • From here, you can add a new user group.
  • Key in the name SEO, and click Add User Group
  • Click Edit Group to change the group name or delete the group.
  • Click Edit Permissions to change the group access permission, especially access to the system dashboard for operation. 



  • Go to Manage Your Store (Dashboard) > Customers > Permissions
  • Click Edit Permissions to change of the SEO user group you created. 
  • You check the modules to allow a user to access: 
    • Access Admin Pages: to allow to access to dashboard 
    • Manage Meta Tagsto allow to access to all SEO and tracking modules, such as Meta Tag, URL Redirection, Robots.txt 
    • Manage Products / Manage Banners / Manage Blog / Manage FAQ / Manage Lookbook / Manage Messagebar / Manage Page: If you allow SEO consultant to manage the content for you. 
    • Manage Products / Manage Category: Will allow SEO consultant to manage SEO meta tag at product level. 


Add a user/customer to designated user group

  • Go to Manage Your Store (Dashboard) > Customers 
  • Locate the user using the filter.
  • From the customer listing, click Edit  to edit the customer profile.
  • Check the User Group = SEO
  • Click Save


Please always test login with a dummy user account with the SEO permission, to ensure you are given the right permission for the SEO consultant.