Shopcada POS: How to process order exchange

You may process order exchange at the Shopcada POS for all orders, including online orders. 

Topics for order exchange at Shopcada POS:


Exchange an order via Shopcada POS

  • Go to Admin Menu > Store OperationReturn 
  • Enter order number, tap Next 


  • Go to Admin Menu > RegisterOrder History
  • Tap on order record row
  • Tap on [Return] button



  • Tap to select the item for exchange. 
  • Tap on Adjust Refund Amount if you do not want to refund full amount paid
  • Indicate the Quantity to refund
  • Indicate the the return item will put back in stock or no
  • Select a [Reason] for this exchange. 

 You can customise the Reason from the Order Refund Setting.

  • Tap [Create Refund / Exchange] to proceed to next step.  



  • Tap to select / scan to add item(s) for exchange. 
  • Tap [Create Exchange] to proceed to checkout as usual.  



  • Apply discount and credits, if applicable. 
  • If the exchange credit cover the order amount, change due will be $0.00 and you may proceed to [Complete Exchange].
  • If there is any balance value, please select the preferred payment method.
  • Tap [Complete Exchange] to complete the transaction. 



  • Go to Admin Menu > RegisterOrder History
  • Exchange order will be record with payment method = Exchange Credit
  • Original order ID is shown at the order history.


Exchange Record: POS Sales Summary

  • Total exchange credit will be show at the summary report.