Webcada General Terms & Conditions for Project Management


The costs and expenses cited in this proposal are our best estimates given the information provided. They include meetings, consultation time, design, programming, and production time, and a reasonable amount of revisions. If additional information is forthcoming, project specifications change, or the scheduling changes, cost and expense estimates may also change.

The effect of major changes, additional services, and delays cannot be determined until a final design direction has been established. If requirements arise for additional work or scheduling changes not reflected in this estimate, we will provide an updated estimate when the final design direction has been approved.

Cost and expense estimates are appropriate for 30 days from the date of this proposal.

Revisions & Alterations

The Customer may at any time subsequent to the date hereof request Webcada to add or change any items to the Scope of Services. The parties shall agree upon the additional costs involved in incorporating such amendments and provide a revised delivery timeframe to replace the one set out, which additional costs shall be determined on a fair and reasonable basis.


Unless otherwise arranged in advance, payment milestone is in accordance to what is defined in Milestones & Payment Schedule section of this proposal, which is usually split into 50% security deposit upon order confirmation, and 50% of balance payment upon staging website is ready. Final payment needs to be fully paid before website go live.
Invoice terms are net 14 days. Invoices remaining unpaid after 14 days will be assessed interest at 1.5% per month (18% annually). If any phase of this project is delayed longer than 60 days, we will bill for work completed to date.

Should customer elect to terminate this project, Webcada will invoice 50% of the lowest total estimate figure, or for actual work performed, which is greater, plus expenses. 

Should Webcada elect to terminate this project, Webcada will refund all collected fees to The Customer, upon termination. The Customer shall indemnify Webcada and hold it harmless from any damages, costs, or losses that might arise as the result of the termination.

Should Webcada find it necessary to refer past due accounts to an attorney for collection, then Customer shall reimburse Webcada for all attorney’s fees and collection costs incurred. Any such fees incurred in the collection process will be added to the amount due, and the account shall not be considered paid in full until the entire debt has been settled.


Webcada will make every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of what is produced, but is not responsible for the correctness of copy, illustrations, photographs, nor for obtaining clearances or approvals.

The Customer shall assume full responsibility for any accepted graphic recommendations from Webcada including, but not limited to trademark and patent searches, registrations, feasibility testing, and legal compliance responsibilities. The Customer shall indemnify Webcada and hold it harmless from any damages, costs, or losses that might arise as the result of any action against either party regarding products and/or services performed with regards to this project.

Webcada will take normal measures to safeguard any materials entrusted to us. However, we are not responsible for the loss, damage or unauthorized use of such materials, nor are we responsible for the actions of the vendors and suppliers we utilize.


All materials used in the production of this assignment—including original artwork and computer-generated artwork, formats, and electronic code—remains the property of Webcada.

Ownership and copyright to the web site design will be considered transferred and reproduction rights granted upon receipt of payment in full.

Ownership and copyright to the electronic source code will always remain the property of Webcada. It is considered licensed to the Customer upon payment in full, and as the Customer continues to host the website with Webcada.

Shopcada Services

All ecommerce website build by Webcada are build upon a hosted ecommerce service running by Webcada that is called Shopcada.

By assigning the ecommerce website development project to Webcada, customer agrees to abide by the Shopcada Terms Of Use and Shopcada Privacy Policy as indicate below.

Purchase Order

If this proposal is acceptable, please sign as indicated in the quotation or initiate a purchase order.

We shall be pleased to begin work on the schedule you determine after confirmation of the order.