Orders Manager

Topics for order manager:


Go to Order Manager

  • Go to Manage Your Store (Dashboard) > Orders Orders.
  • This is the section for you to manage your order: Order Manager
  • From here, you can view the order details / update the order status / verify payment / edit the order details as you need.


Search for an order

  • To help to locate an order, you may use the Filter.
  • You can search using Customer's Name / Email Address, Product Name, Order Date Between, and Order Status.
  • From the filter result, select    View from Actions drop down    to view the order details.


Search for an order by order number

  • If the specific order number is available, enter at the Order ID box, click GO.
  • You land on order details directly.


Print individual invoice

  • Locate the orders from order listing, select    Invoice from Actions drop down    to go to the invoice tab.
  • Click on Printable Invoice to print the invoice to browser.


Print invoices in batch

  • Locate the orders from order listing, select the order required printing. 
  • Select Print Order from the Bulk Action drop down.
  • Select the required format from the print order page.
  • Click Submit.


Edit order details

  • Locate the orders from order listing, select    Edit from Actions to go to the edit order tab.
  • You will be able to edit:
    • Shipping Information
    • Billing Information
    • Payment
    • Products
    • Shipping
  • Click Submit Changes to save your edit.


Once you have manually edited an order, you can manually send an email to notify the customer of the changes made. Go to    Invoice to send the update invoice.


Bulk actions


Create new order

  • In a special occasion, you may create manual order.
  • Click Create Order / Create Order From Cart.
  • Details guide for manual order HERE.