Orders Manager

Topics for order manager:



  • This is the section for you to manage your order:  ORDER MANAGER
  • From here, you can view the order details / update the order status / verify payment / edit the order details as you need.


Search for an order

  • To help to locate an order, you may use the FILTER.
  • You can search using [Customer's Name / Email Address], [Product Name], [Order Date Between], and [Order Status].
  • From the filter result, click on vertical ellipsis    VIEW icon to view the order details.


Search for an order by order number 

  • If the specific order number is available, enter at the ORDER ID box, click GO.
  • You land on order details directly.


Print individual invoice

  • From the order listing, go to [Actions] click on vertical ellipsis   select INVOICE to print the individual order invoice from browser.


Print invoices in batch

  • Locate the orders using the order listing under  [Actions] click on vertical ellipsis   select INVOICE .
  • Check the required order number 


Edit order details

  • From the order listing, click Edit the product details via the edit icon  
  • You will be able to edit:
    • Shipping Information
    • Billing Information
    • Payment
    • Products
    • Shipping

Once you have manually edited an order, you can manually send an email to notify the customer of the changes made. Go to INVOICE to send the update invoice.

  • Click SUBMIT CHANGES to save your edit


Bulk actions


Create new order

  • In a special occasion, you may create manual order. 
  • Click [CREATE ORDER] and complete the required details. 
  • Details guide for manual order HERE