Why You Should Not Frown Upon Negative Feedback

September 29, 2015,

Receiving negative feedback from customers can be a blow on your ego. After all the hard work it took to avoid the negativity and trying to meet the expectations of every individual customer, it could just take one unsatisfied customer to throw a little shade your way and you will immediately feel this unwanted weight upon your shoulders. But, criticism should not always be taken to the heart. You will surprisingly find that receiving negative feedback is a blessing in disguise.

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Help Visitors Recover Their Abandoned Shopping Cart Through ONE email

September 15, 2015,

Not everybody who fills their cart up makes it to the end of their purchase. Sometimes, people need an extra nudge to convince them to complete their order. If your customer happens to fall out somewhere between the checkout process, failing to complete their order transaction, it is your duty to get them back on track by sending out a cart abandonment email.

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Free Online Translators Could Risk Loss Of Sale Opportunities

September 10, 2015,

The barrier of language could put you at risk of losing sales opportunities if you are solely dependant on online translators to aid your communication with potential international buyers who do not speak the same tongue as you do.

It is specifically due to the inaccuracy of these translations that taints these online sources credibility. With inaccuracy comes misleading content. Without the exact translation you will not be able to get the intended message you want across efficiently.

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Tips To Improving Your Store's Category Filters

August 27, 2015,

The success of any ecommerce category filter system should be measured through it’s ease of use, number of times used by consumers, results produced and how it could impact sales. Helping shoppers quickly discover certain products and improving the shopping experience are two reasons why all online stores have made a range of different category filter available for their visitors. To make your filtered navigation system an efficient one, here are three tips to guide you.

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Must Haves Components On Your Ecommerce Platform

August 21, 2015,

A well-executed online platform stems from the technologies and features that bring together the entire ecommerce site. A person who chooses to start an ecommerce journey has to ensure that their site is fully equipped to meet the demands of their customers as well as to avoid inefficiency when running the online store. This can also apply to already establish online platforms that are looking to further improve their storefront and system. This is a comprehensive list as to what components the store is made up of in order to generate online sales.

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Get Organized! How To Better Manage Your Inventory

July 28, 2015,

Getting organized will help smoothen the flow of your inventory management. There has to be a standardized system within your company for moving the goods in and out of your storage space. Regardless the size of your company or how much storage space you can afford right now, you have to think long-term for the movement and placement of physical goods that your company has.

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10 Ways To Immediately Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rates

July 22, 2015,

Visitor traffic on your site looks good on paper but these big numbers are totally insignificant if substantial profit is not made. Besides the ultimate goal -turning visitors into buyers, these 10 aspects discussed in this article are influential ingredients to successfully convince a visitor to take action that will benefit your brand. These actions could come in the form of signing up for a newsletter, becoming a member or making a purchase.

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Ecommerce Design: Rules For Choosing The Right Fonts

July 20, 2015,

A good ecommerce design that screams “LOOK AT ME!!!” goes beyond the colour schemes and layout. It stems from all the nitty-gritty details before you receive the nod of approval from design critics. This brings us to the topic on choosing the right fonts to pick out for your site. However small you may think the impact fonts have on the conversion rate, they still make up a good handful of the pieces to the puzzle of ecommerce design.

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Part II: Why People Aren’t Buying From You

June 19, 2015,

In “Top 5 Reasons Why People Aren’t Buying From You”, it addressed the main excuses shoppers give for leaving your store empty handed. Here in part 2, a quick look at more consumer alibis as to why they aren’t buying from you should suffice to put change in motion.

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The Importance Behind A Business Logo

June 11, 2015,

You can view it like a signature or you can view it like a face. It is the first impression and the identifier that should reflect the values, personality and principals of a brand. A business logo is a very important marketing tool and here are the reasons why it is essential. 

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