A Whole New Shopcada POS 2.0 Is Here


New Shopcada POS 2.0 Is Here

After a few years of releasing Shopcada POS, we developed a whole new Shopcada POS 2.0 to better serve our merchants' retail operation's needs and usage.

The new app is available from the Apple App Store now.  Download

1. Support a new receipt printer and a more durable barcode scanner.

Shopcada POS 2.0 supports a new Star Micronics MCP31L receipt printer. This thermal printer offers multiple connectivity options, including USB, Lightning, Bluetooth and LAN. With this new printer model, you have the flexibility to select a scanner.  

2. Better Self Collection Handling

Accept package to store is much faster now. The salesperson can scan the package barcode to accept the packages quickly and notify the customers.

Retrieve package details is also faster and highly accurate.
The salesperson can also scan the package barcode embedded in the notification emails to retrieve the details easily from the POS terminal.

Simply add this token [package-barcode] to your email notification and package label. 

Please feel free to contact support@shocpada.com if you need assistance.

3. Check-in customer faster • Know your customer status better.

You can turn on customer ID barcode, to locate them faster during checkout by scanning the ID barcode.  

The setting is available at Dashboard > POS > Setting > [Customer Card] 

Check the option Display Barcode on the Customer Account Page. The customer ID barcode will display on the customer My Account page. 

The customers' basic info and also credits available from the POS register.

4. New features for better management

  • Only open drawer when the payment method is CASH
  • Only MANAGER allowed to use Manual Discount

You can access the above setting from Dashboard > POS > Setting  

  • Staff attendance report on iPad
    You can view the information from POS register Admin > Staff > Attendance
  • Tracking of the salesperson by item
    Only available for Shopcada POS+ 
  • Yes, the new POS works better when the internet connection is interrupted. :)



If you need further assistance, please contact support@shopcada.com / Facebook Messenger for further assistance. 

Posted on 04 March 2021