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6 Local Online Grocery Stores In Singapore

September 4, 2015,

Finally we get to avoid those long queues during checkout and no longer do we have to dodge or squirm pass trolleys down the narrow aisles in a physical supermarket. The internet has made it possible for the groceries to be brought to us instead and Singapore has caught onto this grocery e-commerce trend. There are over a dozen e-commerce grocery stores established in Singapore and we have listed the top 6 here for you!   Read this post

Why We Think Subscription Boxes Are Fantastic As An E-Commerce Idea

August 17, 2015,

Beauty samples, party beverages and daily comforts are just a few items that could be shipped directly to someone’s doorstep every month. Everyone loves the little pleasures in life and the concept of monthly subscription boxes provides just that. This concept of selling a bundle of products delivered to one’s doorsteps on a recurring basis could possibly be the best thing that’s happening to e-commerce right now. We’re here to convince you why we think subscription box services are a fantastic way to generate revenue.

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Ecommerce Idea: Subscription Boxes

August 12, 2015,

If you are looking to start a new online venture you have come to the right place. Subscription box services are a fast growing market that guarantees revenue on a monthly, weekly or daily basis -depending on how you sell it. In Singapore, this method of product distribution –offering packages filled with retail products is not really talked about. The French Cellar and BlissyBox are one of the few subscription box service companies that exist in Singapore. If you do wish to tap into this line of retail, here are four things to consider.

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Singapore Blogshop Taglines

March 19, 2015,

A tagline is a short and enticing line of text that is used for a company’s branding campaign. This slogan has to be catchy enough for people to remember it and notice it’s your brand without mentioning the brand name. Well, that is of course the ultimate goal of having this slogan. It is used to communicate your brand to an audience. They are used to add value to your brand and enhance your business image.

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The Importance of an ‘About Us’ Page for Online Stores

March 5, 2015,

The ‘About Us’ page found on your website is marked as the identifier of your entire brand. It helps visitors understand your goals, achievements, background and mission. Basically, it is the foundation that sets the appeal factor to customers. If people are able to relate to your story, the more likely they are going to trust your brand.

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Top 3 Blogshops for Men in Singapore 2014

November 6, 2014,

Blogshops were primarily targeted towards women, however, this rapid growth has changed the buying game for almost every targeted audience. Recently, female blogshops are adding in collections that sell men apparel. Some blogshops, like these listed below, enthusiastically set up blogshops that solely target men. It is hard to cross that line for men’s fashion unlike for women, with dresses, rompers and skirts, but these blogshops have found an affordable and alternative way to distinguish themselves from one another.

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Trending Ecommerce Websites in Singapore 2014

July 17, 2014,

Ecommerce websites are leaving a hefty mark on news feeds across Facebook profiles in Singapore. Though not necessarily established in this region, they generate heaps of attention by local users that effortlessly hover their cursors above the like and share buttons sealing the deal of their approval with a click.

Listed below are some of the most sought after ecommerce sites whose recent uprising caused Singapore’s netizens to repeatedly screen them on their statuses, likes and shares

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Top 8 Blogshops in Singapore 2014

June 25, 2014,

On a much lighter note, straying away from heavy contexted articles filled with structured facts of everything ecommerce, I hereby bring to you, the top 8 fashion ecommerce sites in Singapore! They are the go-to examples of well established online stores and they are only getting bigger! Retailers have found a new way to express what they find hip and trendy by showcasing their love for fashion through carefully selected designs that caters to fashion in Singapore.  It was a tough decision, wrapping my head around which online store was to be featured here. Listed in no specific order, I present to you a ‘fashion fiesta’ of some of your favorite blogshops in Singapore!

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