New Checkout Address Form


Improvements to our checkout address form based on feedback from our clients. 

The new checkout address form includes two key enhancements:

• Auto lookup Singapore address by Postal Code
• Dedicated field for unit number with # sign included


Auto fill Singapore address by Postal Code

Improve your customers checkout experience by auto lookup the street address as they enter the postal code. 

They can still edit the address, if needed.


Dedicated UNIT NUMBER box

One of the common challenges our Shopcada family is facing is customers missed out the unit number when entering the shipping address during checkout.  

We added the dedicated unit number in both delivery and billing addresses. 

So that your customer will be reminded during the checkout process, hence ensure the parcel reaches them smoothly.

To enable the new checkout page, you may go to  DASHBOARD > SETTING > CHECKOUT 

If you checkout page is custom designed, you can contact / Facebook Messenger for further assistance. 

Posted on 30 May 2020