Tips and Tricks to build your own ecommerce websites

Singapore Blogshop Taglines

March 19, 2015,

A tagline is a short and enticing line of text that is used for a company’s branding campaign. This slogan has to be catchy enough for people to remember it and notice it’s your brand without mentioning the brand name. Well, that is of course the ultimate goal of having this slogan. It is used to communicate your brand to an audience. They are used to add value to your brand and enhance your business image.

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Give Your Customers Free Shipping Without Losing Money

March 17, 2015,

When it comes to online shopping, one factor that contributes to the second thoughts on going through with a purchase is the cost of shipping. When it comes to facing the truth, ecommerce owners have to realize that free shipping is now the standard and their sales might suffer if they do not offer it.

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Why Online Shopping Is The Next Best Thing

March 12, 2015,

Whatever you are looking for you will be able to find it online. With the right keyword and one click of the button on a search engine, you will see every site that matches your search. While every advantage comes with a certain amount of baggage, here are a few advantages that no misfortune can overshadow of the benefits of online shopping.

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Tips For Collecting Customer Feedback

March 10, 2015,

Collecting customer feedback is a very important strategy to use if the management wishes to improve a customer’s experience. Certain feedback can help guide in decision making and influences your approach in different situations. Feedback also measures customer satisfaction.

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The Importance of an ‘About Us’ Page for Online Stores

March 5, 2015,

The ‘About Us’ page found on your website is marked as the identifier of your entire brand. It helps visitors understand your goals, achievements, background and mission. Basically, it is the foundation that sets the appeal factor to customers. If people are able to relate to your story, the more likely they are going to trust your brand.

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3 Tips To Help You Get The Best Out Of Online Shopping

March 3, 2015,

If you are reading this, you probably have experienced shopping online. Online shopping is a convenient method to getting what you want delivered to your doorstep without having to leave the bedroom. It has become one of the most valuable assets derived from technology. But by nature, satisfaction is hard to come by. People always expect bigger and better things.

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How Much Bandwidth Does My Store Really Need?

February 26, 2015,

Despite having an amazing theme or a well thought of product you are bringing to the market, the bandwidth stands as the backbone of your ecommerce site. In the simplest of explanations, bandwidth is the transmission of information from your site, to a viewer and the internet. The higher your bandwidth, the faster the information is received on the visitor’s end. The lower the bandwidth, loading of your site is much slower. The bandwidth of a site is one of the most important deciding factors of conversion and making a sale.

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The Two Mistakes Blogshop Owners Make

February 24, 2015,

Any online entrepreneur would tell you entering the retail world is tougher than it looks. Though it may seem like a piece of cake to pull off when you are browsing through numerous successful online stores, when you start your online venture, you’ll begin to ask yourself “What on earth am I doing wrong?!”

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Bloggers: Paid Reviews and Sponsored Ads

February 19, 2015,

In this small and very fast growing community of fashion bloggers, tons of blogshops and other e-commerce related sites have decided to act upon this fast moving trend -getting such people to write about their product or service.

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Tools for Collecting Customer Feedback

February 17, 2015,

Having a medium to collate customer feedback is essential for your company as it guides your decision making. It is important to measure your customer’s satisfaction and also find out how different customers view your products. You would need to find the correct resources to reach the audience. Here are four different platforms that will enable you to do as such.

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