Tips and Tricks to build your own ecommerce websites

Choosing The Right Ecommerce Platform For Your Online Store

August 28, 2014,

Ideally, new ecommerce business owners flock to where other like minded businesses have seem to taken flight on particular platforms such as Shopify and Magento to start their new business venture. Joining in only puts you at the same level as these businesses. In the early stage, this may not seem as important but ultimately, you want your brand to stand out. Though commendable, sometimes what the masses need, is not what your store needs.  How does a company know what platform is best suited for them? Here are the questions you should be asking when choosing an ecommerce platform for your online store.

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Freebies - A Marketing Strategy

August 26, 2014,

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts that costs absolutely nothing? In the world of business, handing out freebies is a genius yet risky move that can cost the company a large sum of money. Shoppers are drawn towards products, services or consultations where spending is noted to be minimum. With thousands of advertisements spread across the internet mentioning the word “Free” it attracts many people looking for a good bargain. Studies show that people have this psychological attraction to the word “Free” and in strict regards to business, this word has been used a lot to lure customers in.

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MailChimp for Newsletters

August 19, 2014,

MailChimp is the server we always recommend to our clients who are active in their Newsletter send outs. MailChimp is a platform where sending out bulk emails are made easier and crafting these emails are pretty straightforward with given templates you can easily customise to your liking.

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10 Factors Affecting Your Ranking on Search Engines

August 11, 2014,

There are tons of weighing factors that make or break your ranking on search engines for each keyword search. Listed below are a few common factors some website owners tend to overlook, neglecting their importance.

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Create An Email Newsletter -What To Include

July 23, 2014,

Here is what to include in an email newsletter...

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Trending Ecommerce Websites in Singapore 2014

July 17, 2014,

Ecommerce websites are leaving a hefty mark on news feeds across Facebook profiles in Singapore. Though not necessarily established in this region, they generate heaps of attention by local users that effortlessly hover their cursors above the like and share buttons sealing the deal of their approval with a click.

Listed below are some of the most sought after ecommerce sites whose recent uprising caused Singapore’s netizens to repeatedly screen them on their statuses, likes and shares

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Innovation in the office

July 15, 2014,

Sometimes, mistaken for the purpose of solely developing a new product from scratch, innovation is more than just creativity. Innovation is to create value through new things or ideas for the people. This basic perception of being innovative should be used daily in the office regardless of what designition you fall under.

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