Tips and Tricks to build your own ecommerce websites

SEO on Shopcada

October 23, 2014,

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3 Blogging Tips for Ecommerce

October 14, 2014,

Ecommerce owners are familiarising themselves to owning a blog page in relation to their online store. One hard to miss reason why blogging is gaining popular within many companies’ marketing efforts, is it’s ability to curate on-page search engine optimization (SEO). This would in turn influence their ranking on specific keywords on search engines.

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Checkout Tips: Prevent Cart Abandonment (Part 2)

October 7, 2014,

In part one of our checkout tips to prevent cart abandonment,  we discussed five major aspects every checkout cart should consist of in order to strengthen an ecommerce store’s checkout process. Here are five more tips to consider if you want your store to achieve the sales target you wish to hit.

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Checkout Tips: Prevent Cart Abandonment (Part 1)

October 2, 2014,

The checkout page is the last step during the whole online shopping process for the buyer. This is where the user makes their transaction and completes a sale from your store. An ecommerce owner can optimize several areas to achieve a well rounded experience for their users. Such areas include optimizing the product page, having a well designed landing page and also making sure their checkout page is simple enough for users to complete their purchase effectively.

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Things You Need To Know About SEO

September 26, 2014,

Search engine optimization is an effective source of traffic that can be converted into sales. Besides giving a core definition of what SEO is, it is more important to understand the key factors of what shapes SEO into one of the most influential marketing tactics if done right.

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What Makes A Good Mobile Site For Ecommerce Stores

September 19, 2014,

Multitasking has become part of the modern culture so as to use technology on the go. Adapting to a user’s needs should be kept as a priority while having their best interest in mind too. With that said, what does a user expect from your site when using their mobile to browse through your online store? Make your site user friendly through these tips shared, to optimize a better user experience for everyone that goes to your store.

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Make Shipping & Managing The Order Process Easy

September 16, 2014,

Every business should initiate the practice of having an organized and fixed process when it comes to managing the orders that come in. It creates a less stressful experience for everyone involved in this process. With the booming competition in the online retail world, having a fixed guideline to follow makes it easier to understand the standards buyers set during the order process. In this post, you will find five of the most helpful tips that will make the managing order process a whole lot easier for both you and your customers.

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Tips: Facebook for Business

September 4, 2014,

So as we all know by now, Facebook has a significant amount of importance for the growth of a business. It has the largest user base. It also has the highest potential for businesses to find new customers.  Regular usage and using Facebook for business purposes is two different stories that requires a different approach. Here are a few tips that will help you stay on top of your game and not send potential customers fleeing to the hills.

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Marketing With No Money

September 2, 2014,

Without having a large budget to spend promoting a brand or product, marketers complain they are unable to move forward or carry out certain marketing strategies that can bring in sales. However, there are alternative methods to market your business without costing you a cent. Even with such said, some of these marketing strategies produce better results than those that are paid for. These marketing strategies listed below might not cost you money but time and effort is definitely a given.

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