4 key measures to reach your target audience

July 8, 2014,

Have a specific target audience. The target audience is the primary group of people a company aims at appealing to through their products. Eliminating people with lesser irrelevance or people who would be unimpressed with what you have to offer can help you narrow down your search. These are a some ways to categorise different target audiences.

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Hashtags and businesses

July 3, 2014,

Hashtags have proven to be more than just a trend. While Twitter catapulted it to our daily map in the year 2007, it’s been adapted by other platforms for a better user experience. Nowadays, hashtags are everywhere and are being used by both users and businesses.

Just before jumping into the details, let’s strip down to the basics of hashtags.

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Product Launch Strategy

June 26, 2014,

What is the best way to get your product out into the world? How do let the masses know you have something new and exciting ready to be bought on your site? Should you market what you are preparing or get everything up on your site before the big announcement? Well, the most popular mindset for most ecommerce owners is to have timed product launch. Flashing it across their newsletters and social media creating awareness that at this certain date and time, this new product or collection will be up on their site. However, is that the smartest choice to launch your product especially if your company is just starting out and funds are tight? What is the other option when it comes to promoting your new product?

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On-page SEO -The Key Elements

June 19, 2014,

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a concept used to rank a website higher on search results. When your website is ranked higher up on search results, the likelihood of people noticing your site will be greater than those with a lower rank. It makes it visible to people who look for a product or service when using the search engine. SEO is an important strategy because of the vase number of searches made in a day, your company could miss out on the opportunity to gain visitors if his or her SEO is not executed correctly.

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5 Important Tips for choosing an SEO Keyword

June 17, 2014,

If there’s one thing that stands as a basis for a good SEO rank, it would be your selected keyword. Well, it IS the most crucial element when it comes to an SEO campaign. You would need to carefully analyze what the online population is searching for. Google search ranking can be misunderstood in terms of the commonly misused phrase people tend to flaunt -”My site ranked number one on Google!” This statement is clearly untrue. No site can be ranked number one on Google. Your site can only be ranked number one for different keyword searches. So, as the internet is densely populated with sites, how will your site stand out amongst all competitors given a specific keyword? Listed below are a few tips to consider during the process of keyword planning.

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Google Plus for Business: Communities

June 12, 2014,

Exposed dynamicity, the social media has increased business opportunities tremendously. Though the wave has yet to hit Singapore, Google Plus is the second largest social media platform. It is a brand new concept created to connect people. According to Business Insider, there are 359 million active users on Google Plus. Undoubtedly, marketers in Singapore should take this opportunity to build up their page on Google Plus and make preparations before the uprising of this new platform -there is no harm starting early. 

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Two great social media marketing strategies businesses should use

June 10, 2014,

Why is there a need for your company to engage in the social media world?
There is more to online presence than just your website. Leading sites that drive a lot of traffic are very much active on other platforms where interaction between consumer and sellers are encouraged.

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