Is Your Site Chasing Visitors Away?

April 6, 2015,

It can be frustrating you know, trying to persuade potential customers that your product is of better quality and telling them your site is worth staying on. It is hard to influence without having that instrument that allows you to vocalize your winning statement. Above all that, in the process of getting noticed, some efforts might be led astray and your goal is overshadowed by the ‘trying too hards’. It is always that same question, “What am I suppose to do to get people to want to stay interested?”

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How Do I Get More Subscribers?

April 2, 2015,

Sometimes, in order to get the results you want you have to be greedy. Your store has to deliver before it receives. Though people might expect differently, in terms of the results they hope to achieve, ultimately, everyone wants both quantity and quality when it comes to newsletter signups.

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Live Chat On Your E-Store

March 30, 2015,

To be a leading ecommerce site, you would have to stay on top of your game by staying ahead of the competition. Being a favorable site amongst online shoppers is more than just branding. You would need to be able to close sales to be recognised as a leading online store. For this to happen, studies have shown that people feel disconnected with the brand and this can result in them not converting. People want to have contact with a real person before making a purchase.

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Tips For Collecting Customer Feedback

March 10, 2015,

Collecting customer feedback is a very important strategy to use if the management wishes to improve a customer’s experience. Certain feedback can help guide in decision making and influences your approach in different situations. Feedback also measures customer satisfaction.

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Bloggers: Paid Reviews and Sponsored Ads

February 19, 2015,

In this small and very fast growing community of fashion bloggers, tons of blogshops and other e-commerce related sites have decided to act upon this fast moving trend -getting such people to write about their product or service.

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Tools for Collecting Customer Feedback

February 17, 2015,

Having a medium to collate customer feedback is essential for your company as it guides your decision making. It is important to measure your customer’s satisfaction and also find out how different customers view your products. You would need to find the correct resources to reach the audience. Here are four different platforms that will enable you to do as such.

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Marketing via Twitter: Pros and Cons

February 10, 2015,

To build a large following for your brand, you would need to showcase what you have to offer on various platforms to get the right attention from the right audience. There are plenty of social media sites that businesses choose to market their brand on. From Facebook to Instagram, using these platforms to reach out to people has become apart of the marketing tradition in almost every business. But how do you know which social media site will give you the most recognition and the type of feedback you are looking for?

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Creating Mobile-friendly emails

February 6, 2015,

When it comes to crafting email marketing content, you will have to bare in mind, most recipients open and read their emails on the go by using their mobile phone to check their inbox. Therefor, your emails should be mobile device friendly. Very much like composing emails that are opened through a desktop or wide-screen, constructing emails to fit a smaller screen is pretty straightforward. Take a look at these few tips that will most likely assemble the perfect mobile-friendly email.

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What does Google want from your online store?

January 27, 2015,

Every company was established for their own reason with their own target and goals. Before you engage your company with another -in any situation, it is important to understand their practises before getting into bed with them. Google is a massive platform which can be rather tricky to decipher if you come to think of it. The big question many companies ask themselves is “Why is my store not on google?” Before you can get an answer to that question, you would have to ask yourself “What does google want from me?”

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Blogshop Marketing Ideas for January 2015

January 20, 2015,

With the New Year that has chimed in, blogshop owners in Singapore should strive to revitalize their marketing tactics to encourage further growth of their business. If one looks back on their business success of 2014 and are satisfied with the results, it still should not be an excuse to anchor your business by being repetitive.

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