SEO on Shopcada

October 23, 2014,

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Things You Need To Know About SEO

September 26, 2014,

Search engine optimization is an effective source of traffic that can be converted into sales. Besides giving a core definition of what SEO is, it is more important to understand the key factors of what shapes SEO into one of the most influential marketing tactics if done right.

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Tips: Facebook for Business

September 4, 2014,

So as we all know by now, Facebook has a significant amount of importance for the growth of a business. It has the largest user base. It also has the highest potential for businesses to find new customers.  Regular usage and using Facebook for business purposes is two different stories that requires a different approach. Here are a few tips that will help you stay on top of your game and not send potential customers fleeing to the hills.

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Marketing With No Money

September 2, 2014,

Without having a large budget to spend promoting a brand or product, marketers complain they are unable to move forward or carry out certain marketing strategies that can bring in sales. However, there are alternative methods to market your business without costing you a cent. Even with such said, some of these marketing strategies produce better results than those that are paid for. These marketing strategies listed below might not cost you money but time and effort is definitely a given.

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Freebies - A Marketing Strategy

August 26, 2014,

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts that costs absolutely nothing? In the world of business, handing out freebies is a genius yet risky move that can cost the company a large sum of money. Shoppers are drawn towards products, services or consultations where spending is noted to be minimum. With thousands of advertisements spread across the internet mentioning the word “Free” it attracts many people looking for a good bargain. Studies show that people have this psychological attraction to the word “Free” and in strict regards to business, this word has been used a lot to lure customers in.

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10 Factors Affecting Your Ranking on Search Engines

August 11, 2014,

There are tons of weighing factors that make or break your ranking on search engines for each keyword search. Listed below are a few common factors some website owners tend to overlook, neglecting their importance.

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Create An Email Newsletter -What To Include

July 23, 2014,

Here is what to include in an email newsletter...

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Innovation in the office

July 15, 2014,

Sometimes, mistaken for the purpose of solely developing a new product from scratch, innovation is more than just creativity. Innovation is to create value through new things or ideas for the people. This basic perception of being innovative should be used daily in the office regardless of what designition you fall under.

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